The Death of Magic

The First days

Session Two: Aniket & Sanket

5 wagon caravan


First wagon is Brixton, human, riding wagon, caravan master by trade

Second wagon is Elith, elf, the fanciest schmanshyiest wagon around, portable scribe, snooty

Third wagon is Taric N'turt, kobold, scrap wagon, does not look like a good wagon.

Fourth Wagon, Gaudily dressed Orc, oval pill shaped, Mr. stern, Bran – clothier

Fifth wagon, Kel, The tanner, – mildee Denim, the tanner's help


Wagon projected to be 5-10days out from the impasse


Kel, the tanner, is deaf, Mildee, his daughter is willing to teach sign language to Sanket


Elith works in the night, silently


Day1 -  uneventful


Day2 – tried to cook, didn't succeed. Oldman crossed paths with us told us about a flooded path and told us of a good shortcut. His info was good and we made good time back on the trail.


Elith has shells in his ears, not sure what they are – earplugs maybe magical

He also has a photographic memory, remembers writing as pictures


Day3 – badgers in the road, try to scare the badgers, kill one badger other frenzies. Badger burrows and the arrives and is promptly put down. YAY food and people and stuff.


Day4 – meet envoy of Sister Starlights Acolytes, THE ORGY BEGINS!!! Bill, Amy, Stern, Kel, Elith all showed up to the festivities and ate "bread", Sanket disrobed and ate a piece of bread too,


BryanVanDeusen BryanVanDeusen

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