The Death of Magic

The Cultist's Cavern
Session Five: Aniket & Sanket

We found a cave… there's a house inside.


Well, also found a screaming mushroom. Lenna hacked it up, thankfully it stopped screaming.

Next we found Fungal bombs, floating fungal bombs. Looked kinda like beholders… thank gold Angela knew what they were.


Now we're fighting necrotic fungi. They appear to be flanking the path up to the structure, probably intentionally placed. We dispatched these strange plants rooted here. The door seems to be made of fungus… Angela tries to shove the door in, it's too sturdy. Lenna tries, no luck either. Thankfully there's a lock on the door, and boy do we know about locks. Aniket deftly unlocked the door and took back his tools as he slid back behind the powerful walls that are his allies.


Oh look cultists…

He opened the door and tried to attack Angela, he failed though this didn't seem to matter to Angela, the wrong had been done. Celeste retaliated with fire from the heavens and blessed Angela with an eerie golden glow. Angela deftly downed the cultist in the doorway. Lenna dove around her door and into the room. Sanket filled her position and Aniket stepped to the side and took at a shot at the cultist that he swears was holding the door closed… he missed from a cramp or something, bullshit I say but he's the face.


Cultist rushed the door nearly knocked me off of my feet, hit Pablo pretty hard on the way out and took the door with him. Put that cultist down hard though so no worries.


Lenna and Angela seem okay with the fight they have inside, what must be a temple. Pablo has already started rifling through some of the spoils, wonder if he's looking for something.


Celeste yells and charges in to assist, though the battle is nearly won.

We enter the room after the carnage subsides and Aniket unlocks the double door where a delightful chanting has come from.  Celeste entered the room and took a face full of some nasty dark magic. Angela bellowed and rushed in after her, seeking some swift retribution, powerful stroke hit home. This bastard just shrugged it off. Lenna came in hard on her heels and laid down some heavy damage, this bastard is still up. He takes what has been thrown down and tries to throw it back at them failing.


Sanket rushes to Celestes aid giving her the potion Kel had given him giving some purpose to the potion he once bought for his deceased wife.


Roaring Angela hefted her Orcish Halberd bringing it down to finish off the filigreed cultist. His remains decays into a fungal spore of some sort leaving his possessions on the ground.


The foe slain, our focus shifts from the fight to our surroundings, a secret passage a desk covered in books.


Celeste smashes what appears to be an alter in the name of her god, it crumbles into the same spores that their bodies have. The room lightens as some phosphorescent mushrooms come to life.


The books seem to be scribblings in an as of yet unknown language. With the books as an unknown we're only gonna take half of the ten books that are hear.


The back room has a lengthy list of loot :D

1600 copper

1100 silver

70 gold

8 Zyrcon


+1 leather Armor

Sustenance Ioun Stone

Bracers of Defense

+2 Scimitar


With the loot divided a vote is reached to take a short rest before heading out.

Gators, Ogre and Myconid OH MY!
Session Four: Aniket & Sanket

Pablo, trail guide, is leading of over the low road. Lenna and Celeste lead with Pablo pointing the way. We follow with celeste. Our vigilant group ever at the ready ;P

We stay on the trail only briefly before Pablo takes us off the beaten path. Pablo knows who or what to skirt around. Even if he is taking us through a thickly wooded and hot portion of the forest.


Deeper into the forest takes us into swamp, the water sucks at our boat and I(Aniket) pay for not tightly lacing my boots with a warm slosh of water.


Aniket missed another arrow today.

Sanket got bit by a crocodile today. Thankfully both crocs were taken down. Sanket tried to take a souvenir but it looks to be too much of a hassle.


Passed some sort of rundown shack, safetly. Apparently an ogre, and a mean one, lives there. Pablo is glad to not have to act against it.

Hear buzzing followed by Pablo letting us know that swamp bugs are nearby, big squitos… not gonna play with that. Angela found a path that was a little bit out of the way but we made good time.


Somehow we're back at the ogres again, the ogres picked a fight and we're taking them too it. Sanket scores a solid hit and Aniket manages to make a hit as well, while also snapping his bow string. Angela is deep in the combat, damn is she scary.

Aniket is knocked unconscious by Donkeh as he retaliates again the party taking down his husband. The rest is daze, Aniket is down. Celeste comes to help me and they say Angela carried Aniket. The rest was a fog until Aniket finally came to and we realized the filthy cave they've carried us into. We eat lunch while waiting for the rain to subside. They divied up some of the treasure found here for me and Ani.


We met part of the Goat tribe, they're happy with us dispatching the Ogres as they regularly had to pay tribute. They had a number of shrines that need to be cleansed. Her son/guard gave us a map of the area showing and where each of the shrines should be. Pablo says that we should be able to make it to each shrine and still make good time to City.

The first shrine is the mushroom shrine. Myconids surround the stone mushroom shrine, a group of five or so, two being elder. They releases telepathic spores allowing them to communicate with us. They are tripping out, Sani and Ani start to join. We found a black robed cultist in the brush and we move him away to cleanse the shrine and the area around it.


The spore effect seems to be carrying on.


We head towards the cultists

The Fork and The Rain
Session Three: Aniket & Sanket

Day 5 – Horrid, driving ran. The rain seems to be following our beautiful faces. Magic Rain? Heading towards the Pitchfork, may need to stop and hide from the weather. Trying to get a consensus. Turic n'turt is all for keeping on in the mud, something about his mother shudder. A consensus is met as there's no good alternate to this wild driving rain. Everyone is wet.


The Pitchfork is reached, crossroads, choices to be made. Easy route has a military Garrison, unsure of high and low roads. Need to decide soon!!!


The high road is a treacherous mountain pass, though potentially quite treacherous

Next we talk a similar caravan to our own, like a bizarro version of us.


We have too many options


High road is cold and has barbarians

Low road is slightly longer and has bandits.


Pablo brokered a job to be their guide through the low road 5gp/day


Aniket engages the half-elves in their revelry. Brings wine to the party, gets shone how to really party, takes some sort of powdered narcotic.


The powder seems to have endowed Sanket with the power to use mage hand (limited uses?)


We have a two day trek through woods to the town, hard travel.


We are each left a package and note of payment.


I bought this with my own money to try and save mama, but I was too late. I hope maybe you can use it to help someone else like you helped us, since I couldn't.


Potion of Healing



I only had time to finish one of these for you boys, so you'll have decide who gets to look awesome in the fedora, and who has to look way less cool.


Hat of Disguise

The First days
Session Two: Aniket & Sanket

5 wagon caravan


First wagon is Brixton, human, riding wagon, caravan master by trade

Second wagon is Elith, elf, the fanciest schmanshyiest wagon around, portable scribe, snooty

Third wagon is Taric N'turt, kobold, scrap wagon, does not look like a good wagon.

Fourth Wagon, Gaudily dressed Orc, oval pill shaped, Mr. stern, Bran – clothier

Fifth wagon, Kel, The tanner, – mildee Denim, the tanner's help


Wagon projected to be 5-10days out from the impasse


Kel, the tanner, is deaf, Mildee, his daughter is willing to teach sign language to Sanket


Elith works in the night, silently


Day1 -  uneventful


Day2 – tried to cook, didn't succeed. Oldman crossed paths with us told us about a flooded path and told us of a good shortcut. His info was good and we made good time back on the trail.


Elith has shells in his ears, not sure what they are – earplugs maybe magical

He also has a photographic memory, remembers writing as pictures


Day3 – badgers in the road, try to scare the badgers, kill one badger other frenzies. Badger burrows and the arrives and is promptly put down. YAY food and people and stuff.


Day4 – meet envoy of Sister Starlights Acolytes, THE ORGY BEGINS!!! Bill, Amy, Stern, Kel, Elith all showed up to the festivities and ate "bread", Sanket disrobed and ate a piece of bread too,

The Gathering
Session One: Aniket & Sanket

A letter under their door and a mysterious missive leaving them with a halfling rune on their hands

Breakfast and the basics, first downstairs watching everyone for signs of anything.


Saniket follows Leana (grant) to the magic district, trying to feel out why she has a letter like he does.


Leana is asking after someone, a mage maybe. She's after a Toran man who's fled back to the Toran Empire


An old lady tries to convince him to have tea with her, she declines


Sanket and Leana are at the posting board in the common grounds/ staging area


Lots of missing persons postings in Helsput


Aniket and Sanket Fairweather found a Caravan look for a set of guards (Bill Brixton) Longway caravan company. The search continues!!!


Find [[Taric N'turt]] (junk dealer, stall in the market place) – trying not to seem to damn eager to find Taric


Topth is Angela's contact at the quest office, she was newly posted here.


Celeste arrives at the bustling quest office, she takes a number to wait for her turn. She engages with an Orc who has a squirrel down his cuirass. He also has a mark but seems completely okay with it like its completely normal.


Mars awakes at the inn and heads downstairs after investigating her rune.


Offers to help the Innkeep take care of things as a charitible offer, and is declined as being strange. Then heads for some food, but nothing is left.


Celeste, Angela and Aniket are all in the quest office trying to get through to someone that can help explain anything about their current force employment. A man waiting in line tried to hand us some useful information, there aren't any Toran airships heading over the Impasse yay! And now we wait in line some more.


Mars was getting propositioned by the mummified hand salesperson and she declined… thankfully


Mars then went and purchased an apple


Government district is east of the square in Helsput


Mars wanders to a manor in search of information and asks a guard about the mark on her hand, he directs her to the quest office and she shows up and is given another number to sit and wait with everyone.


Everyone being in the quest office, the head of the office yells at the girl behind the desk as things are crazy busy for the office. Topth is a friend to Angela so she infers and a fight ensues.


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