Aniket and Sanket Fairweather

Born into a caravan of traveling entertainers, the twins were view as a divine gift and a sign of good luck. The troupe prospered as well as any troupe would and traveled the land. The twins grew up fatherless as there were barely sure their mother knew who he was, though the older members of the troupe often joked that he was probably a Fey from there childish and curious nature. The boys learned how to act and how to entertain. coin tricks and street performing were their bread and butter and it made a delightful cover for their less wholesome pass times. When their mother passed they left the troupe, to discover themselves and what mischief they could. Chasing skirts and finding coin was a common task and it didn't take long for them to move onto second story work and their share of the trouble that comes with it.

having escaped from the troubles of their most recent escapade Ani and Sani find themselves traveling with a trade caravan headed for a Druidic Enclave. Trade with these druids happens once or twice a year and their village can only be found when they want it to be. Everything seems normal when they first arrive. The village is right where they left it, meaning that they were expected. Good, everything is in order. The caravan rolls into town but something is off, no voice, no animals. but nothing is damaged… the caravan rolls to a stop and the guards spread out a little knocking on doors. no responses. sharing a few looks and a quick hand gesture. Saniket hops of their wagon and heads into the village, while Aniket strolls through the guards and acts helpful seeing what he can. Feeling a tug Aniket moves away from the group and deeper in to find Saniket making his way through the remains of what looks like some Arcane work. the large runes on the floor are smeared and papers are scattered everywhere. A twinkle catches Aniket's eye and pushes a paper aside to find an earring, a single blue tear-shaped gem hanging from a silver hook. Saniket looks at his brother " doesn't Monty have one of those?", "yeah that quiet textile peddler, that was the one thing I could never get him to bet it"

The caravan gathered what they could of their intended trade from the village and headed out. getting the rest of their pay with two mysteries in mind the pair set off for Helsput.

Helsput the sprawling city that it is felt like home once again, weaving their way through the crowds and finding their old contacts they spread their fingers back into the city and found the information they needed. Turns out Monty left, one day his shop just didn't open several people tried to drop off shipments and he just wasn't there. On his way to the Toran Empire, another adventure.

Aniket and Sanket Fairweather

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