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When practitioners of the magical arts begin to disappear en masse from the Kingdom of Eronia, a group of expendable adventurers are tasked with travelling to the neighboring Toran Empire to discover whether or not the problem is isolated to their home nation. In order to enter the war-like allied nation, the adventurers must travel to The Impasse, a mountain range which can only be crossed via Toran airship, and find a ride across the recently closed border by any means necessary.

Group 1
Angela Van Verdeik – F – Orc Barbarian – Mike
Celeste Lightweaver – F – Human Cleric – Reed
Mars Soran – F – Wood elf Monk – Eithen
Lenna Vendan – F – Eladran Eldritch Knight – Grant
Aniket and Sanket Fairweather - M – Dvati Rogue – Bryan

Bird Person – M – Aarakocra fighter – Reed
Melidia Shathana – F – Half-Eladren Druid – Bryan
Grr Wan – F – Dragon Cleric – Grant
Ka-taro Shobu – M – Half-orc Fighter – Eithen
Ivor – M – Human Wizard – Mike


Knowledge & Trickery (LE) – Kingsday

The Cunning One, The King of Devils

Trickery & War (CE) – Endsday

The Dark One, The Endbringer

War & Death (NE) – Huskday

The Empty One, General Husk

Life & Death – (LN) Juday

The Impartial One, Lady Judgment

Life & Nature – (NG) Moonday

The Loving One, Mother Moon

Nature & Tempest – (CN) – Storday

The Furious One, Father Storm

Tempest & Light – (CG) – Starday

The Bright One, Sister Starlight

Light & Knowledge – (LG) – Solsday

The Wise One, Brother Sol

No Domains – (N)

The Forgotten One, Nothingness


8 Days of the Week:



8 months, 4 Seasons
1 Furious Moon
2 Loving moon
3 Bright Moon
4 Wise Moon
5 Impartial Moon
6 Empty Moon
7 Dark Moon
8 Cunning Moon

Day/Night Cycle
Sunset 22:00
Sunrise 06:00

24-hour day

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