Mars Soran

Born to the grand master of the Soran Monastery, one renown for combining archery and hand to hand, and side sword prowess. He was destined for greatness since birth, his father's, the grand master, pride was instilled in him from a young age.

He was a rather calm baby, no crying really, but he was strangely intelligent for a baby. Being able to solve small puzzles and being able to see through basic trickery at the age of 3. From there, he trained rigorously for the next 13 years of his life, his monastic abilities growing and growing with age.

Though, as he grew older, he grew tired of the simple monastic life. He respects his upbringing, but feels a yearning for the outside world. He had a long talk with his father, who sent him to a nearby kingdom for him to start his pilgrimage to find himself.

Now he walks, with his wits and his mitts.

Mars Soran

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