The Death of Magic

Gators, Ogre and Myconid OH MY!

Session Four: Aniket & Sanket

Pablo, trail guide, is leading of over the low road. Lenna and Celeste lead with Pablo pointing the way. We follow with celeste. Our vigilant group ever at the ready ;P

We stay on the trail only briefly before Pablo takes us off the beaten path. Pablo knows who or what to skirt around. Even if he is taking us through a thickly wooded and hot portion of the forest.


Deeper into the forest takes us into swamp, the water sucks at our boat and I(Aniket) pay for not tightly lacing my boots with a warm slosh of water.


Aniket missed another arrow today.

Sanket got bit by a crocodile today. Thankfully both crocs were taken down. Sanket tried to take a souvenir but it looks to be too much of a hassle.


Passed some sort of rundown shack, safetly. Apparently an ogre, and a mean one, lives there. Pablo is glad to not have to act against it.

Hear buzzing followed by Pablo letting us know that swamp bugs are nearby, big squitos… not gonna play with that. Angela found a path that was a little bit out of the way but we made good time.


Somehow we're back at the ogres again, the ogres picked a fight and we're taking them too it. Sanket scores a solid hit and Aniket manages to make a hit as well, while also snapping his bow string. Angela is deep in the combat, damn is she scary.

Aniket is knocked unconscious by Donkeh as he retaliates again the party taking down his husband. The rest is daze, Aniket is down. Celeste comes to help me and they say Angela carried Aniket. The rest was a fog until Aniket finally came to and we realized the filthy cave they've carried us into. We eat lunch while waiting for the rain to subside. They divied up some of the treasure found here for me and Ani.


We met part of the Goat tribe, they're happy with us dispatching the Ogres as they regularly had to pay tribute. They had a number of shrines that need to be cleansed. Her son/guard gave us a map of the area showing and where each of the shrines should be. Pablo says that we should be able to make it to each shrine and still make good time to City.

The first shrine is the mushroom shrine. Myconids surround the stone mushroom shrine, a group of five or so, two being elder. They releases telepathic spores allowing them to communicate with us. They are tripping out, Sani and Ani start to join. We found a black robed cultist in the brush and we move him away to cleanse the shrine and the area around it.


The spore effect seems to be carrying on.


We head towards the cultists


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