The Death of Magic

The Cultist's Cavern

Session Five: Aniket & Sanket

We found a cave… there's a house inside.


Well, also found a screaming mushroom. Lenna hacked it up, thankfully it stopped screaming.

Next we found Fungal bombs, floating fungal bombs. Looked kinda like beholders… thank gold Angela knew what they were.


Now we're fighting necrotic fungi. They appear to be flanking the path up to the structure, probably intentionally placed. We dispatched these strange plants rooted here. The door seems to be made of fungus… Angela tries to shove the door in, it's too sturdy. Lenna tries, no luck either. Thankfully there's a lock on the door, and boy do we know about locks. Aniket deftly unlocked the door and took back his tools as he slid back behind the powerful walls that are his allies.


Oh look cultists…

He opened the door and tried to attack Angela, he failed though this didn't seem to matter to Angela, the wrong had been done. Celeste retaliated with fire from the heavens and blessed Angela with an eerie golden glow. Angela deftly downed the cultist in the doorway. Lenna dove around her door and into the room. Sanket filled her position and Aniket stepped to the side and took at a shot at the cultist that he swears was holding the door closed… he missed from a cramp or something, bullshit I say but he's the face.


Cultist rushed the door nearly knocked me off of my feet, hit Pablo pretty hard on the way out and took the door with him. Put that cultist down hard though so no worries.


Lenna and Angela seem okay with the fight they have inside, what must be a temple. Pablo has already started rifling through some of the spoils, wonder if he's looking for something.


Celeste yells and charges in to assist, though the battle is nearly won.

We enter the room after the carnage subsides and Aniket unlocks the double door where a delightful chanting has come from.  Celeste entered the room and took a face full of some nasty dark magic. Angela bellowed and rushed in after her, seeking some swift retribution, powerful stroke hit home. This bastard just shrugged it off. Lenna came in hard on her heels and laid down some heavy damage, this bastard is still up. He takes what has been thrown down and tries to throw it back at them failing.


Sanket rushes to Celestes aid giving her the potion Kel had given him giving some purpose to the potion he once bought for his deceased wife.


Roaring Angela hefted her Orcish Halberd bringing it down to finish off the filigreed cultist. His remains decays into a fungal spore of some sort leaving his possessions on the ground.


The foe slain, our focus shifts from the fight to our surroundings, a secret passage a desk covered in books.


Celeste smashes what appears to be an alter in the name of her god, it crumbles into the same spores that their bodies have. The room lightens as some phosphorescent mushrooms come to life.


The books seem to be scribblings in an as of yet unknown language. With the books as an unknown we're only gonna take half of the ten books that are hear.


The back room has a lengthy list of loot :D

1600 copper

1100 silver

70 gold

8 Zyrcon


+1 leather Armor

Sustenance Ioun Stone

Bracers of Defense

+2 Scimitar


With the loot divided a vote is reached to take a short rest before heading out.


BryanVanDeusen BryanVanDeusen

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