The Death of Magic

The Fork and The Rain

Session Three: Aniket & Sanket

Day 5 – Horrid, driving ran. The rain seems to be following our beautiful faces. Magic Rain? Heading towards the Pitchfork, may need to stop and hide from the weather. Trying to get a consensus. Turic n'turt is all for keeping on in the mud, something about his mother shudder. A consensus is met as there's no good alternate to this wild driving rain. Everyone is wet.


The Pitchfork is reached, crossroads, choices to be made. Easy route has a military Garrison, unsure of high and low roads. Need to decide soon!!!


The high road is a treacherous mountain pass, though potentially quite treacherous

Next we talk a similar caravan to our own, like a bizarro version of us.


We have too many options


High road is cold and has barbarians

Low road is slightly longer and has bandits.


Pablo brokered a job to be their guide through the low road 5gp/day


Aniket engages the half-elves in their revelry. Brings wine to the party, gets shone how to really party, takes some sort of powdered narcotic.


The powder seems to have endowed Sanket with the power to use mage hand (limited uses?)


We have a two day trek through woods to the town, hard travel.


We are each left a package and note of payment.


I bought this with my own money to try and save mama, but I was too late. I hope maybe you can use it to help someone else like you helped us, since I couldn't.


Potion of Healing



I only had time to finish one of these for you boys, so you'll have decide who gets to look awesome in the fedora, and who has to look way less cool.


Hat of Disguise


BryanVanDeusen BryanVanDeusen

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